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Prosthetic care has been relatively unchanged in the past few decades. Technology has increased, but other than that, little has been improved in regards to the way care is provided. At Nextremity, we take a patient centered approach to create the most transparent, educational, and enjoyable experience possible. Here are a few ways that we focus on our patients and their needs on our clinical care:

Telemedicine - People are busy, and for those who might have a hard time getting around, it can be costly and time consuming to arrange for a ride. That is why we provide the option of follow up care, and initial consultations via webconference with the patient on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

Focus on Patient education - We believe that it is the amputee who often is the best person to direct their own care. At Nextremity, we focus on patient education, so they can better participate in the creation of their treatment plan. 

Transparent billing - Prosthetic care can be costly, and although we do our best to minimize this, we feel it is important for every patient to completely understand what they are receiving and how much it will cost them. 

Tested and Tried Prosthetic care - Every patient that is seen at Nextremity will be measured using many physical and social metrics before and after delivery of a device. We do this to prove any benefit that was provided, and to celebrate the improvements and success of our patients.

Enjoyable clinic experience - It is never enjoyable to spend time at a clinic, but we try to minimize the boredom by providing videos, books, games and other entertainment during the visit to help pass the time.



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A crossroads of amputees and their real and inspiring stories. Here you find the good, the bad, and the REAL life of being an amputee.

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