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Lower Limb Prosthetics

Lower limb prosthetics ranges from lost toes, to amputations below the knee, above the knee, and through the hip. Each amputation has its own unique set of considerations that must be understood and addressed. At Nextremity, we are biomechanical experts at body device interactions, and will work to educate you, so you can better understand your own prosthetic care.


There are thousands of combinations of different feet, knees, suspension methods, and components that can go into designing your prosthesis. It is important for your prosthetist to take the time to understand your goals and background to build a device that will empower you in your life.


Here we have a vast knowledge of available components, and understand the foundational principles and technology that should be used in every prosthesis, but we are also certified to fit and train on the most advanced and up to date technology. Some of the state of the art components that we are certified in are:

C-Leg 4

Reliable effective and microprocessor knee.

Genium knee

Extremely intelligent microprocessor knee with autoadaptive modes for juogging, standing and other activities.


A microprocessor knee with the intelligence of the genium, but with a water proof and heavy duty design.


A new microprocessor knee that is tuned to individuals who do not need the high activity pace of a c-leg, but still would benefit from the intelligent control.

Helix 3D hip system

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Triton Smart Ankle

Microprocessor controlled foot to allow for different heel heights and to accomodate different terrains

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Harmony System

Elevated vacuum system used to suspend the prosthesis on the limb for better control and comfort.

Rheo 3 and Rheo XC

Intelligent and rugged microprocessor knee with intuitive control and autoadaptive modes

Proprio foot

Microporcessor controlled foot that can autoadapt to terrain changes and heel height

Unity Suspension system

Lightweight and low profile elevated vacuum suspension system

Plie 3 knee

Lightweight, waterproof, and versitile microprocessor controlled knee

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